Best Lawyer I've Ever Had

"Amazing lawyer...awesome guy. Handled my case promptly and professionally. What more can I say? Lets put it this way...I have his office number tattooed on my wrist. That is no joke!"

He's One to Keep In Your Pocket!

"Damon is an excellent attorney. He has handled a number of issues the past few years for this family and we highly recommend him. Underneath his mild mannered appearance is a 35-year martial arts veteran. He is tough on the interior and doesn't back down from a legal challenge. He's one to keep in your pocket for whatever legal issues comes your way."

Excellent Attorney, Very Helpful

"Damon is a very knowledgeable attorney who has helped me on several occasions. He is very accessible and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended."

I Highly Recommend Damon Rogers

"Damon Rogers is a very professional and competent lawyer. He helped me in a case about 7 months ago where i was facing serious and multiple felony drug charges. He was genuine and I felt like he truly was caring and concerned for my outcome. He was very knowledgeable and was able to get me into a 15-weeks drug and alcohol class promising a dismissal of the charges when my probation time is completed. I was facing jail time and Damon was able to help me in not serving any time. He informed me throughout the whole process and always followed up. He has been the most helpful lawyer I've ever worked with. I highly recommend him."

Great Working With Damon

"I have enjoyed working with Damon Rogers from the very beginning. He is extremely knowledgable and beyond that he has a great personality. He is likable and demonstrates that he really cares. He is not like most of the attorney's I have worked with in the past."

Very Receptive To Veterans

"Although I was in a stressful situation dealing with my DUI, Damon was very informative and helped me at east throughout the whole process. Damon was very easy to get ahold of, and was willing to take his time and answer every question I had regarding my case. What I especially appreciated about Damon was his patriotism, respect, and willingness to help out veterans like myself. His dedication was evident when he was able to have the DA agree to have my 3-year probation terminated two years early, upon my college graduation in May, in order for me to apply for the FBI at that time. In short, Damon is a respectful, dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, and hard working attorney that I would recommend to anyone in need of any lawyer assistance."

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