Representative Civil Cases

J.H. v. M.A.

DUI accident in Beverly Hills, California in which my client (passenger) was severely injured when driver lost control of the vehicle and hit light pole - $5,500,000

A.T. v. S.T.

Client was severely injured in Century City, California when he was riding a scooter and was struck by an inattentive driver who then attempted to flee the scene but was stopped by a good samaritan - $3,600,000

M.H. v. B.N.

Family of decedent brought wrongful death action against pill-mill doctor who prescribed large quantities of opioids resulting in death of loving husband and father - $550,000

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Representative Criminal Cases

People v. J.H.

Client facing 60 years for possession of over 20 kilos of meth and heroin found in his car during lawful traffic stop - 4 years

People v. J.M.

Client prosecuted in federal court in San Diego for stealing more than $100,000 from Social Security by receiving payment for years for his dead uncle - Probation with no Jail Time

People v. C.V.

Client with 6 prison priors facing 9 years for felony burglary and receiving stolen property relating to alleged participation in large theft ring - 180 days County Jail (only 90 days with good time credits at 1/2 rate)

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